Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton Still Has Plenty of People to Lie to

Christopher Hitchens' classic polemic "No One Left to Lie To" is the best book on revealing the opportunistic fraud that is Billy Jeff Clinton, who aside from Jimmy Carter, is the worst US president since Nixon. Hitchens notes that after Obama crushed Clinton in South Carolina
the best Clinton can say is that this is no better than Jesse Jackson managed to do. Really? Did Jackson come south having already got himself elected the senator from Illinois? [ed. note: Jesse was born in S.C. as well] And, come to think of it, was Jackson so much to be despised and sneered at when he was needed as Clinton's "confessor," along with Billy Graham, during the squalor of impeachment?

Hitchens knows more about Clinton's back pages, and those of his cohort-in-crime spouse, than just about anyone:
This calculated willingness to shop on both sides of the street of racial politics was actually analyzed quite shrewdly by Dick Morris, the former consigliere of the gruesome twosome, in conversation with Sean Hannity last week. The Clintons, he thought, would be quite happy to lose big to the "black vote" in South Carolina. It would enable them to signal that they were the ones to stem the flow of the color tide. Morris' host protested that this seemed a touch cynical. Morris jovially assured him that he knew the people he was talking about.

Morris accused Hillary & her BJ of racism because he knows them all too well, and Christopher notes just why Dick Morris was rehired by the Clintons:
As indeed he did. It was Hillary Clinton who insisted on recalling Morris to the embattled White House, notwithstanding his various disgraces and notwithstanding the fact that he had been the adviser and strategist for Jesse Helms of North Carolina. Why am I saying "notwithstanding"? It was because he had performed so well for Helms, including helping him with the famous "white hands" ad that showed a white man crumpling up a letter that told him of preference for "minorities" in hiring, that Morris was thought of by the then-first lady as such a guru.

The so-called First "Lady" knew that Morris had a take-no-prisoners style on race issues that suited the Clintons' amoral opportunism and unethical mindset just perfectly. And of course, the Clintons [and Morris] knew the cowardly degenerate leftist MSM would never call them on horrific crimes-against-humanity like the following:
I never quite understand how the Clintons' initial exploitation of racism was overlooked the first time around and has been airbrushed from the record since. After falling behind in the New Hampshire primary in 1992, and after being caught lying about the affair with Gennifer Flowers to which he later confessed under oath, Clinton left the campaign trail and flew home to Arkansas to give the maximum publicity to his decision to sign a death warrant for Ricky Ray Rector. Rector was a black inmate on death row who had shot himself in the head after committing a double murder and, instead of dying as a result, had achieved the same effect as a lobotomy would have done. He never understood the charge against him or the sentence. After being served his last meal, he left the pecan pie on the side of the tray, as he told the guards who came to take him to the execution chamber, "for later." Several police and prison-officer witnesses expressed extreme queasiness at this execution of a gravely impaired man, and the prison chaplain, Dennis Pigman, later resigned from the prison service. The whole dismal and cruel and pathetic story was told by Marshall Frady in a long essay in The New Yorker in 1993 and is also recounted in a chapter titled "Chameleon in Black and White" by your humble servant in his book No One Left To Lie To. For now, I just ask you to imagine what would have been said if a Republican governor, falling in the polls, had gone out of his way to execute a mentally incompetent African-American prisoner.

But the aforesaid cowardly degenerate MSM was being guided by illuminati like [chronic DWI offender] Sidney Blumenthal and Cueball Carville, who kept the willing useful idiots of the NYT & its pilot fish from overturning the applecart by exercising the lost art of journalism.
But the faithful platoon of houseboys around the Clintons rallied when it came to race:
...leaf back, if you will, to the New York Times of March 23, 1992, and the jolly headline, "Club Where Clinton Has Golfed Retains Ways of Old South." Yes indeedy, the Country Club of Little Rock had 500 members, all of them white, and the aspirant candidate had himself photographed there more than once until Jerry Brown made an issue of it. It was then announced by Clinton's people that "the staff and facilities" at the club were "integrated"—a pretty way of stating that the toilets were cleaned by black Arkansans. Yet all this was forgiven by credulous liberals who were sure that they had discovered a New Democrat who was a Southerner to boot.

Many of these same people do not like it now that they see similar two-faced tactics being employed against "one of their own." Well, tough. And many of the most prominent and eloquent black columnists—Bob Herbert, Colbert King, Eugene Robinson—are also acting shocked. It's a bit late. I have to say that Bob Herbert shocked even me by quoting Andrew Young, who said that his pal Clinton was "every bit as black as Barack" because he'd screwed more black chicks.

Hill doesn't mind, being a feminazi with a whole bevy of white chicks in her own boudoir batting order.
How is Hillary Clinton, or Chelsea Clinton, supposed to feel on hearing [Andy Young's] endorsement? One gets the impression, though, at least from the wife, that anything is OK as long as it works, or even has a chance of working. When Toni Morrison described Clinton as "black" on the basis of his promiscuity and dysfunction and uncertainty about his parentage, she did more than cater to the white racist impression of the African-American male. She tapped into the sort of self-hatred that is evidently more common than we might choose to think.

So how does the new Clinton attitude toward racial politics differ from their old shell game with the press---ever easily gulled when it comes to racial politics among Dems? Christopher sums up:
Say what you will about Sen. Obama (and I say that he's got much more charisma than guts), he is miles above this sort of squalor and has decent manners. Say what you will about the Clintons, you cannot acquit them of having played the race card several times in both directions and of having done so in the most vulgar and unscrupulous fashion. Anyone who thinks that this equals "change" is a fool, and an easily fooled fool at that.

The NOW feminazis and low-life Latinos still hang on to Hillary's apron strings, but the African-American segment of the Democratic Party have lifted themselves out of the ooze and begun to move forward on their own.

Leaving the ragged remnants of the Clinton Inc investors to wallow in the mire.

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Audacious Epigone said...

I have to take issue here.

This illustrates the inanity that is the untouchability of black leftists in this country that such an insignificant comment like Bill Clinton's reference to Jackson's victories in '84 and '88 would be treated with such feigned indignance.

Sean Hannity actually seemed to try to argue that the racial divide that was seen in SC and again in Florida was somehow brought on by this comment. What a fundamental misunderstanding of the determining factor that is demographics.