Thursday, January 24, 2008

BJ Clinton Brings Up Race, then Scolds Barack for Bringing Up Race!!

Living-fossil BJ Clinton simply has no shame. And his wife is a kept woman as he disgraces himself again and again. BJ will lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants in an election, and the New York Times will at most tut-tut a bit and then after the scorched-earth d damage is done, say that the Dems will have to "move on."

Bill Clinton and his wife are beginning to demonstrate what a vicious pair of venomous opportunists they always have been on a new and broader stage. Hopefully, Barack will be able to surmount the traps and race-baiting that pious hypocrite Hillary and nasty degenerate BJ throw in his direction.

If Barack, a new and inspirational candidate even given his somewhat soft credentials, can survive the blast of hate-spew that BJ is emitting on a daily basis, it looks like we may be able to disinfect the Democrat Party of its two malignant tumors-in-chief.
UPDATE Victor Davis Hanson says it all better than myself or anyone else.
Our first female President is here only because of her husband, and he here only because his long-suffering wife is the only ticket left back to the White House, which is an apparent addiction that he can't kick. Even if Hillary wins there will be an asterisk, since the campaign has taught us that we have no idea of whether we are voting for Hillary, Bill, or both. This second Clintonian tutorial about feminism overshadows even his earlier exploitative sexual conquests, and suggests he (and she) view gender relations as mercenary and contractual, where each plays on stereotypes, and uses the other's gender advantages for personal aggrandizement (tough guy Bill rides to the rescue to smear meanie male rivals, loving wife loyally forgives sins and stands by her man as a paragon of marriage partnership and loyalty, albeit shedding a tear now and then for her suffering).

Read the whole article by Hanson to see how the Greek gods reward limitless hubris on the level of BJ.
UPDATE #2 Robo-Moron Gail Collins actually stumbles onto the truth [while dispensing stupidity in her other paras]:
The implicit promise of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy was that she had learned from Clinton I. In her, Americans would have a candidate who had been in the very center of White House decision-making. And the very fact that so much had gone wrong was added value. She is nothing if not a good learner, and — the story went — she had discovered at great price where all the landmines lay, both in the presidency and her own character. And she had forged a separate political identity in seven years in the Senate. During an era when the challenges to a new president could be sudden and overwhelming — and here Hillary isn’t ashamed to play the terror card — she was uniquely prepared to hit the ground running and achieve the greatest do-over in American history.

Now, Bill’s role as Chief Attack Dog undermines all that. If he’s all over her campaign, he’s going to be all over her administration. Instead of the original promise of the thoroughly educated Hillary, we’re being offered the worst-case scenario — that the pair of them are going to return to Pennsylvania Avenue and recreate the old Clinton chaos.

Can someone do an intervention on BJ? I doubt it. That dog is too old.

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