Sunday, January 27, 2008

GOP will beat HRC; but Obama Would Get the Independents

Rich Lowry is impressed with Barack-O and thinks the crime spree of the Clinton Inc crowd might be headed off.

I'm a conservative and Obama moves me back to the day when I was a young idealistic Dem worker for Gene McCarthy in '68 [just found my GM national staff badge coincidentally this evening] .

I was lucky enough to hear Dr. MLK live at SLU & also hear RFK give a speech live. The vibes are a bit the same. The cynicism evaporates. I think Obama somehow encapsulates MLK's cadences & JFK's appeal to the intellect while giving a speech. Haven't seen anyone as good in forty years....honest!! I listened to it twice---and haven't done that since forever!

Today someone did a projection and McCain beats HRC 46-44 right now, but only ties Obama----so Obama is the greater threat. No Romney numbers out?

Strategically & in my mind, I hope HRC gets the nomination, which will give the GOP the presidency. But my heart kinda wants Obama to win and get a shot. He might win, but the GOP could win in 2012, if he's as bad as the Clintons say he is!!!

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