Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bill Clinton's Biggest Lies Accepted by NYT

The NYT Caucus purports to be a "political blog." It's wide-eyed ingenuous stance toward the campaign basically demonstrates a total bias toward the Democrats and the Clintons in particular. The gist of the link above simply accepts BJ Clinton's answer on why Hillary is not a polarizing figure. The blog ends with this disingenuous attempt at covering over the travesty of the two Clinton's infestation of the White House for eight years:
He concluded, oddly, with an unfortunate reminder of some of the grimmer aspects of his tenure in the White House: “And she was exonerated of every single charge leveled against her in the eight years I was president,” he said.

Hillary EXONERATED? This guy’s used to lying his way through every single CRISIS that Clinton Inc runs into. And the NYT, so fast to editorialize on any Republican misstatement, lets this gigantic enormous lie simply end its story!

She’s never been exonerated about the cattle futures windfalls, since there was never full disclosure.

She’s never been exonerated about having her so-called health care task force operate in secret in direct violation of the laws. In fact, that was confirmed.

She’s never been exonerated about any of the Castle Grande lies and overbillings - or how the missing Rose Law billing records just happened to show up near her office, conveniently, right after the statute of limitations expired.

She’s never been exonerated for her role in the Whitewater development…but hey, that was only a simple resort scam designed to fleece seniors.

She’s never been exonerated about her role in the disgraceful Travel Office scandal, where nonpartisan career government employees all lost their jobs to make room for her friends, nor for trying to cover it up with a fraudulent IRS audit and criminal charges against Billy Dale - charges which took a jury only minutes to laugh out of court.

How about the FBI files on her political opponents, which were illegally obtained by her chosen aide, Craig Livingstone? How much of that information did she copy? How much does she still have and plan to use? Exonerated? I don’t think so.

As I recall, one of the deputy independent counsels during Whitewater even prepared a draft indictment of her for perjury, which Janet Reno quashed. That’s not exoneration either. Not in this universe.

And of course this morning's Today Show lets the lying shrew-bitch simply explain the Rezko picture as "one of thousands" that she doesn't remember.

Let's hope the MSM begins to attempt some objectivity down the road as the lying 42nd POTUS disgraces himself in S.C., tying down Barack while his odious spouse campaigns in other Super Tuesday states. This is the dirtiest campaign the Clintons have waged yet, in their progress toward the biggest disgrace in the Dem rogue gallery since the ineffectual and still bleating Jimmy Carter.

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