Saturday, January 26, 2008

Another Obama Endorsement & Crist Goes for McCain

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Barack Obama as the first presidential candidate who reminded her of her father. [Leaving out RFK, I suppose.] Interesting.

Popular Republican Governor Charlie Crist has just endorsed John McCain, following Sen. Martinez by one day. Wonder if Jeb-boy is in the wings? [The Jeb team liked Fred T]

Sadly, McCain has blotted his "straight-talk" brand with a complete slander of Mitt Romney's position on Iraq. If he thinks that's what it takes to change the debate away from economic issues which are now front-and-center to Floridians, he may have done so, but he blotted his copybook big-time.

Finally, one of Tubby Tim Russert's round-table of reporters made an interesting observation on why Giuliani left N.H., where his poll numbers sat still despite the big bucks he was throwing into the NH primary for TV ads. This reporter Todd said that Rudy no longer seemed eager to press the flesh or face endless questions from NH residents---a process which he was masterful at when Mayor of NYC. For some reason, he never mastered the town-meeting format. So he flew off to Florida and doubled down here.

Looks like he's going to be subject to a bad beat.

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