Sunday, August 16, 2009

Will Chavez Inspire Dear Leader Brobambi to Beat Fox & WSJ Journalists?

Chavez, Ortega, Castro, Zelaya, Morales, Correa all are hoping that Obama will withdraw support from Colombia so their drug cartels can operate [Chavez's agents were captured recently in Colombia with conclusive laptop evidence that Chavez is arming the FARC]. Obama is also supporting stolen elections by Iranian hard-liners like Ahmedinejad and opposing Israel, the only truly democratic country in the region now that Lebanon's President Hariri has been assassinated by Iranian ally Bashar Assad in Syria. Syria's ally Hezbollah is pressing to destroy what remains of Lebanon's democratic institutions and Obama seems ready to kiss and make up with Bashar....

So far, the slavish adulation of the American journo-cadres in print and electronic media has been overwhelming, but if that starts to diminish, will Obama mimic his idol Cesar Chavez and beat up opposition journalists? Or maybe Dear Leader Brobambi will follow the agenda he proposed in his [DISAPPEARED!!!] Columbia U. thesis vis-a-vis the Soviets and call for unilateral disarmament! Or mimic his childhood hero Che and attack Israel to demonstrate his hatred of true democracies. And his disdain for the U.S. Constitution which he supposedly "taught" as a college professor.

Clueless Republican are unable to understand the Tea Party and Town Hall protestors because the conservatives despise the borrow-and-spend Republicans almost as much as the tax-and-spend Democrats.

And like his State Senator records, his true and original birth certificate, his Columbia U. records, and other aspects of his past that the uninquiring minds of the mainstream media aren't interested in pursuing, the Cheshire Cat Brobambi keeps disappearing bit by bit until all that's left is a goofy smile.

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