Monday, August 03, 2009

Leftist Attacks on the Family Increase Using "Raw Judicial Power"

Byron "Whizzer" White famously [he was an appointment of JFK to the Supreme Court] was the "Blue Dog" Democrat on the SCOTUS who dissented from Roe v. Wade by calling it an act of "raw judicial power." In a word, "unconstitutional."

Princeton Law Professor Robert P. George, without using the term "family," has a cogent examination of the next stage in the attack by the "illuminati" on traditional marriage and family values, employing the "progressive" methods of judicial tyranny overturning popular referenda and plebiscites run by states, all of which have rejected "gay marriage" and other "polyamorous" variants of legalizing infertile relationships.

Because marriage, as George explains using "the natural law" as his reference, is about the procreation process formalized to raise children in a traditional male-female relationship. Although a tolerant society permits their cohabitation, unnatural "sports of nature" should not have the legal rights that enable them to receive the benefits of marriage. Overthrowing referendums in various states, all of which have rejected "gay marriage" statutes enacted by judicial tyrants such as the "9th Circus Court" in CA, simply puts the lie to any notion to any pretense that the elitist "illuminati" have a democratic agenda at work.

The "progressive elites," and we know who they are, have as their ultimate goal the destruction of democracy and the rule by an oligarchy of self-selected autocrats, a new "Sacred Roman Rota" with pretensions of a religious, and not a scientific/political/academic, elite.

Like Anthropogenic Global Warming, gay marriage is the product of a belief system based on a quasi-religious faith of predestination. The self-Chosen Ones are selected by Themselves, whom they collectively consider as some species of Secular God.

Democracy has very little to do with their agenda.

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