Friday, August 28, 2009

Douchebag National Committee to Rush On Naming Health Bill After Kennedy

Democrats waxed tautologically indignant in March when they called on Republicans to denounce Rush Limbaugh "once and for all" for daring to predict:
by the time the debate on President Obama's health care plan is over, "it'll be called the Ted Kennedy Memorial Health Care bill.”

This, the Douchebags insisted, would be to "demonize a patriotic Senator," [who parenthetically should have been the poster boy for Mothers Against Drunk Driving]. Taranto at the WSJ says:
Byrd and Pelosi propose to brush aside the public revolt against ObamaCare, seize control over one-sixth of the economy, and give government life-or-death powers over all Americans--all so that they can pay tribute to their dead colleague. Haven't they heard of a nonbinding resolution?

Nope, these two flunked civics classes in grade school all the way through flunking out of junior college. Political hacks don't know s**t about politics, and I predict in 2010 they both will have had to abdicate their position in Congress [and in Reid's case, his crooked political operation in Nevada.]

Looks now as though the Douchebags are beginning to demonize their own, making the MADD poster boy into the elitist Congress's symbol of itself, Lucifer in all his o'erweening pride. [They won't get the Milton metaphor since they flunked English in middle school "once and for all."]

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