Sunday, August 02, 2009

Venezuelan Version of "Fairness" Doctrine Closes 34 Radio Stations

Chavez continues his illegal unconstitutional rampage to turn Venezuela into a fiefdom of another power-drunk cacique. I wonder if Dear Leader Brobambi will say something about this to his fat buddy Cesar.

Meanwhile, another extraconstitutional dictator-wannabe claims he was "elected" to keep Cuba communist. The state-controlled US MSM will fail to point out that Raul and his older bro were never "elected" to anything in free and fair elections with an opposition candidate. Orwall is spinning in his grave, but Brobambi and the smug Dems are trying to subvert the US Constitution clandestinely while Dear Leader's bros to the south have no compunction with constitutions. Including Zelaya of Honduras, another lefty traitor to his country's constitution. Guess Brobambi showed his stripes on that call. And also showed them by cowardly ducking any criticism of the "elections" in Iran.

With Dear Leader's poll numbers starting to slide precipitously, maybe he'll get a pair of stones and start promoting America's national interests overseas and stop trying to wreck the best health care system in the world here at home. And with the Cap-and-Trade Happy Horsesh*t, wreck the part of the American economy that isn't broken yet.

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