Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Leader Brobambi Opposes Democracy at Home and Abroad.

Mary O'Grady pummels Obama for his pusillanimous cowering before Ortega/Castro/Chavez and the other caciques destroying democracy in Latin America. The Economist also has a long article on the recent summit in Quito, headlining Brazil's economic gains [and political stumbles, especially where Lula supported Morales in Bolivia, only to see that drug czar raise Petrobras gas royalty payments to Morales' corrupt Bolivian government.]

The Economist notes that Iran, Russia and China are moving into these countries, to the detriment of the USA [and Mexico/Canada]. Mary O'Grady notes that disloyal Democrats like Dodd and Kerry have long labored against American interests in Latin America, but now their sustained treason appears to infect this White House, as Brobambi scuttles and kowtows sideways and floorward to appease these caudillos.

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