Monday, August 24, 2009

Alec Baldwin Sucks His Own Tiny...... Thumb, and In Public!

Alec is Tweety-Bird Matthews female counterpart. Joe Lieberman would eat him for breakfast politically and then spit him out on the sidewalk like grapefruit seeds. How he is unaware that his wife-beating and daughter-dishonoring wouldn't surface if he ever ran for as much as dogcatcher apparently escapes his solipsistic egomania. He is grammatically incoherent and intellectually unequipped for anything more than a playground name-calling match.

If he was worth saving, I'd say grow up and be a man. But this girly-man is the butt-boy that Andy Sullivan dreams about and every sane woman detests. Kim Basinger should have known better, but how was she to know that he was a bullying coward and would threaten his own daughter.

Unlike his daughter, he is a selfish narcissistic pig. Period.

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