Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Warehouse 13 Needs Updated Computer Skills

The Secret Service was using an alleged computer hacker as a Confidential Informant or Expert when things went awry:
The indictment in federal district court in New Jersey marks the latest and largest in at least five years of crime that has brought its alleged orchestrator, Albert Gonzalez of Miami, in and out of federal grasp. Detained in 2003, Mr. Gonzalez was briefly an informant to the Secret Service before he allegedly returned to commit even bolder crimes......

Federal investigators say Mr. Gonzalez is a high-school graduate and self-taught programmer who cut his criminal teeth as a leader in the self-styled Shadowcrew, an online credit-card hacking ring. In 2004, 26 leaders of the 4,000-person ring were arrested and convicted. "He was one of the key leaders," said Scott Christie, a former U.S. prosecutor who worked on the case.

Mr. Gonzalez wasn't charged when he was arrested in 2003 because he agreed to become an informant for the Secret Service following his arrest, say Justice Department officials. In November 2004, the government permitted him to move from New Jersey to Florida. Much of the subsequent hacking took place there, according to court records. He was arrested in conjunction with the Dave & Buster's hacking scheme in May 2008 and has been in detention since.

Thank you, Feds, for letting Gonzalez go southward to FL. Warehouse 13 is a Syfy network show about Secret Service with superannuated computers and I'm just wondering if the Feds gave Gonzalez money to make the move to Florida where he apparently upgraded his operation into Major League playoff contender international crime.

Your US govt. expertise at work. Maybe they should hand the operation over to the DEA.

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