Monday, August 31, 2009

Garrido: A Walking Brief for Mandatory Castration?

Philip Garrido may or may not have killed nine or ten "sex workers" buried in places to which he had access, but one fact is incontrovertible: he kidnapped and serially raped an eleven-year old girl [with the complicity of his wife?] 18 years ago. This crime in 1991 came three years after his release from a 50-year prison term for kidnapping and raping a casino worker in 1977 – and in the same town of South Lake Tahoe – that Garrido kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard :
Public authorities will be called on again this week to explain some of the remaining mysteries about his case, first, how he came to be released from a 50-year prison term for kidnapping and raping a casino worker in 1977 despite having told police officers that he could only achieve sexual satisfaction by applying violence. It was three years after his release – and in the same town of South Lake Tahoe – that Garrido kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard.

What kind of incarceration and punishment is this aberration of justice? This ridiculous release of an admitted sexual psychopath from prison coupled with the insouciant mindlessness of a Deputy Sheriff sent to investigate neighbors' complaints in 2006 that Garrido had "people" living in shacks in his backyard, with a mere reprimand from the stoned slacker Deputy to Garrido that such residential arrangements were "illegal," baffles sane people everywhere. Did all this result in perhaps a dozen murdered "sex workers" in a careless demonstration of California's stupendous governmental incompetence? Did the feckless Deputy Sheriff representative of law and order bother him or herself to inspect the backyard and discover a whole family of kidnapped "children" living in abject squalor? Nah, that would have been professional. Will this moron be reprimanded? I doubt if the press will do follow-up. Should Garrido have been castrated and then released? Yep.

Excuse my brand of condign punishment, but I have serious doubts that the ginormous brand of Big Government foisted on the entire country by a bunch of Keystone Kops and their judicial wardens and congressional nitwits will result in anything other than California stoned slacker eff-ups all across the fruited plain and purple mountains' majesty. Why?

The other night, I happened on C-Span to come across a witless fucktard of a clown who happened to be Chief Judge of the Ninth Circus Court of California presiding over a VA hospital case. This ridiculous moron, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, has gained a sort of notoriety for a pornclave on his official website as Chief Judge and Kozinski aptly represents the utter mindless vacuous vapidity of that much-ridiculed Court. And more largely, the type of stupidity that Dear Leader Obambi is going to inflict on the entire country if he and his gang of fucktard elitist illuminati legislate unconstitutional mandates for health and other restraints of trade into law.

Given the fact that Granny Rictus Mcbotoximplants and her House of Representatives crew of lawless relativists represent the same brand of moral anarchy that Chief Judge Kozinski [and the two other asinine 9th Circus Court judges on the C-Span case that I watched] consistently display, is there something in the water in Northern California that should be examined for imparting deranged mindlessness a la Garrido & the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department's total lack of professionalism in following up on Garrido's neighbors' complaints?

How's that porn site coming along, Judge Kozinski? Is your supply of medical marijuana running low? How long do you think California will remain populated with productive members of society before it lapses into a sort of Mad Max/Mad Men Moral Morass? Full of Stoned Slackers like Kozinski, the Contra Costa Sheriff's Dept., Granny Rictus Mcbotoximplants [AKA San Fran Nan] and varieties of the Sons of Anarchy ruling the roads?

Is the CalPers RICO scam going to spawn new ACORNs, SEIU brownshirts, and other socioarnarchists or varieties of liberal fascism? I can remember when people were migrating TO California, not FROM it to escape oppressive taxation and lawless anarchy.

The Great Bear Republic should secede and take its brand of anarchism and childish whimsy with it. And if the 15 million or so responsible citizens decide to depart that San Andreas of the imagination, maybe all those apocalyptic films with Mad Max post-nuclear landscapes will fit right into Mansonland and its inhabitants' mindset. Go medical marijuana!

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