Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chicken-Squat Swedes Cower and Supply Nazis with plenty of steel.

The Stockholm Syndrome reveals the real nature of the Swedish mentality, which a black former US Army Heavyweight Boxing Champ who lived there for a year told me is "the most racist in the entire world" and needless to mention, the most hypocritical.

The million Muslims infesting Malmo & other ports have set up mini-terror regimes in the face of which the craven kowtowing towheads [empty of everything except a metaphorical wet cunt itching to be penetrated] in Stockholm demonstrate cowardice. A clown laughingly called a Foreign Minister refuses to reject Sweden's tabloid ass-wipe Aftenposten's allegations of Israeli organ-harvesting among Palestinians.

Of course, the Swedes became accustomed to anti-Semitism in their wholehearted support of Hitler during World War II, when their cowardly menfolk descended into iron ore mines 24/7 to supply Swedish steel to the Nazi war machine. Seems like nothing's changed and the "DUMB SWEDES" are still stupid anti-Semites after all these years.

And now these girly men bow to their Muslim masters, who in their empty cunt-brains have succeeded Adolf and his National Socialists as their foreign policy mentors.

Sweden is the latest example of National Socialism, alright.

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