Monday, August 03, 2009

Defying Gravity Defies Current Doomsday Hollyweirdness

Defying Gravity is not a dystopia, though it is set in the year 2052. For that reason alone, ABC's new Sunday nite expedition "to infinity and beyond" will predictably be mau-maued by the usual gloom-and-doomsters trying to dominate the culture wars. Of about twenty reviews I skimmed, most of the small-town rags had a "TV Guy" who "nothing butted" reductionist and derivative drivel about "Grey's Anatomy in Space" and "Desperate Housewives Meets Battlestar Galactica"....

But The LA Times, Boston Globe and Chicago Sun-Times recognized the sort of potential this gorgeous cinematics/soap/odyssey might have in store.

I plan to watch past Saturn and towards Neptune/Uranus, whichever comes last.

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