Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Brobambi's Health-Care, Health-Insurance "REFORM"Stumbles

The Public Option as sport of nature Barney Frank openly admits, is a path to single-payer Health Care which has failed everywhere it has been tried in countries with over 10 million people. The idea is to introduce the public option, which will undercut private insurance because it is subsidized with taxes. After a few years, private insurance will become prohibitive in its costs and simply be destroyed by socialist competition, underwritten by tax dollars.

Even the often ideological LA Times notes the confusion that Obama's "abstractions" are producing among even his fervent socialist Alinsky allies. After a headline that "range of abstract messages are leaving voters confused," the article notes that mysteriously unnamed "strategists" are having problems with Obama's presentation of why health-care or more recently, health-insurance reform are so important:
The strategists, many of whom saw healthcare reform fail in the Clinton administration, contend that President Obama has advanced too many rationales for his plan, leaving people confused.

For example, Obama has argued that a new healthcare system is necessary to spur an economic recovery. He also has offered up healthcare as an antidote to rising deficits. Earlier this week in a conference call with religious leaders, Obama laid out a "moral" imperative for revamping the nation's healthcare system.

At other points, Obama has portrayed "meddling" insurers as a reason for scrapping the existing system.

"One of the difficulties has been that the explanation has changed," said Howard Paster, a legislative liaison in the Clinton administration. "Originally it was keyed very much to the economy. More recently, emphasis has been placed on issues of fairness and equity. We need to have a consistent set of reasons for doing this."

James Pinkerton goes on to note at Serious Medicine Strategy that:
Note what's missing from this litany: Any sense that the purpose of medicine is cures. The mechanisms of health care delivery are of interest to some, but the question of health cure delivery is of interest to everyone.

The White House announcement of Obama's long meeting with Daschle, who was to be his wagon-team leader on getting health-care reform through the House and Senate before the usual Dem problems with taxes, et al, made Sebelius the HHS nominee, underscores the emphasis away from actual efficient delivery of health:
The two agreed that substantive reform that lowers costs, reforms the insurance industry, and expands coverage is too important to wait another year or another administration, and they agreed to stay in touch over the coming weeks and months as this critical effort moves forward."

As Lloyd Green, a former Justice Department official in George H. W. Bush's administration is quoted at SMS, "Is Obamacare just another word for welfare?" As Green puts it:
Government option healthcare has become the flashpoint of the Great Welfare debate redux. The reality is that there is an insurance gap between between working whites and minorities, and the Obama Administration is asking taxpaying Americans to a) pay for closing the gap and b) making government both the insurer and regulator for all.
The Obamans and the Democrats have come a long way from the time--even if it was just a few months ago--when they argued that "health care reform" would make health care better.

After BJ in '96 secured a second term by "welfare reform," the socialist hordes are now citing economic and "fairness and equity" rather than actual improvement of health CURE delivery.
The ObamaCare fiasco has turned into a gigantic crusade for social justice and transfer of income under the guise of "reform."
The sort of "public option" is the camel's nose under the tent for single payer, a system which only works in monolithic small European countries with a work ethic. Not in a 310-million diversity colossus with over thirty million illegal immigrants who would soon be winkled into the program, leading to an influx of sick from Latin countries where crime and social backwardness has produced stunted generations with endemic public health problems.

Which may be, along with socialism, the other half of the Democrat strategy, replacing the "well-dressed" protesters against health care with criminal rent-a-mobs and union thugs for health care and more importantly other socialist nostrums to stimulate incentives for illegals to sneak in and become voters early and often for a Democrat cacique regime in the White House and across the soon-to-be-blighted plains.

And it appears that the American people are becoming disinfatuated with Obama despite overwhelming hosannas daily from the three paleo-networks and the Corrupt News Network & its unwatched evil twin MSNBC.

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Bob the Health and Health Care Advocate said...

"... to single-payer Health Care which has failed everywhere it has been tried in countries with over 10 million people." Wow, that is such a bizarre observation that I stopped reading. You probably want the U.S. Congress / Obama efforts to fail. Good for you. Those bills in Congress will make things worse. Much worse. Pray for failure.