Friday, November 23, 2007

When Agitprop becomes Agitpoop

The Washington Post has an article so silly that it must be some sort of backstairs deal in retaliation for the Post's accurate positive reporting on the success of the surge.

In what only can be called an exercise in sustained wrongheadedness, the Pravda Redux going under the name of Center for American Progress [Regression, actually, in Orwellian "War is Peace, Love is Hate" antonyms] has an article by John Podesta, but probably penned by a C-List analyst named Lawrence Korb & his quill carrier. Here is the single funniest [unintentionally, for sure, because Korb & quill carrier are clueless] paragraph I've read recently on anything:
Proponents of the current path claim that, after four years of failed strategies, the surge was needed to get Iraq on track. They point to recent declines in the overall level of violence and cooperation at the local level between some Sunni insurgents and U.S. forces. But the progress being made at the local level often undermines the stated goal of creating a unified, stable, democratic Iraq. [emph. mine]

This is analysis made via funhouse mirrors. In other places, the "analysis" is simply contrary to present fact [AKA lies]:
Iraq is the issue of greatest concern to voters. Progressive candidates should be offering clarity on Iraq and pushing for a real change in course.

Actually, that would be illegal immigration, seconded by health care, with Iraq at least third down the list---but facts are anathema to devout "progressives," who revel in the delusion that what should be actually trumps reality.

As the surge works, you will see San Fran Nan frantically thrashing about to counter our success in Iraq with the failure the Democrats are so deeply invested in. There's a word describing her and Dingy Harry and their orc-phalanxes in Congress.

That word was used in the title of Barry Goldwater's tide-changing book "None Dare Call it Treason."

I do hope that the Demcorats campaign on Iraq and illegal immigration, two issues that might vault the feckless Republicans back into power in Congress, and dare I say it, keep them in the Oval Office. America deserves no less.

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