Friday, November 02, 2007

Even Harvard Finds Media Bias to Left

Harvard has come out with a study showing that the MSM has a massive bias toward the Democratic candidates in the '08 election race. Don't expect to see this on your evening news!
This bias is a badly-kept secret, but not from not the MSM's lack of trying to hide this perpetual perennial of the political landscape. Even media-magnets like Giuliani have to fight for oxygen in the leftist MSM waterboarding of conservatives.

A couple of years ago, the UCLA/U of Missouri journalism schools' conclusions per the media were that the MSM, with the sole exception of FoxNews, is at at a minimum sixty on the ADA scale, including the Wall Street Journal and Drudgereport, which one would expect to be at fifty or below. FoxNews is right on the fifty-yard line, proving it is fair and balanced, and the rest of the media tilts left all the way to CBS News, surprise, and the New York Times, around seventy-something! The pdf is somewhere in my data-base, and it makes for interesting reading. The results are well-nigh irrefutable---as the two institutions are among the top half-dozen journalism schools in the country and the study covers decades.

And of course, the phenomenon of Ross Perot levitating into a contender in '92 after inane and inappropriate remarks that would have sunk any other third-party candidate remains a stain on the MSM, which to this day has never investigated itself over the travesty of the Perot candidacy.

Could that be because other journalism schools mimic the Columbia SoJ whose students CHEATED on an OPEN-BOOK ETHICS exam last year and were unaccountably not held accountable?

Where is accountability in the MSM?

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