Thursday, November 29, 2007

Favre-Romo Faceoff Goes Back to Romo's WI Roots

Pete Rozelle would never have let happen the ridiculous situtation below:
Thursday night's showdown is stirring up a hornet's nest of controversy for its lack of TV availability. The NFL's cable network will televise the game and they are in a heated dispute with a number of cable operators who are refusing to offer the league-owned network to their subscribers. Some other providers offer it for a fee.

Best game of the year [or tied with the Indy/Pats game].

Lotsa history here. In my own family, my Uncle Father Bill Knoernschild was the pastor of the Burlington parish where Romo grew up. Though I have no proof, I assume Fr. Bill baptized Romo, born of Hispanic parents, back in 1980 in Burlington, WI.

But Romo personally had a Stendhal moment in 1993, he says, when he went to Milwaukee Cty Stadium [where I watched many a Packer game] and saw young Brett throwing the laces off the ball. He decided then and there, he said a while back, to become a QB in the hope of emulating his hero, Brett.

I think I'm getting the game on ESPN, but sadly, many will miss this contest or have to go to sports bars to witness the best face-off in the NFC.

The NFL Commissioner should be ashamed, but we all know he and the owners are basically businessmen.

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Donald Douglas said...

It's gonna be a great game. Favre's having a killer season!