Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lahoud Leaves----Good Riddance.

Right-Wing Nuthouse has a post entitled "Countdown to Chaos." My guess is that if Hezbollah or Syria make a move, France & Israel will drag the reluctant inhabitant of the Oval Office into fixing Lebanon.

Lahoud's bloody crime wave as president reminds me way back when after heir-apparent to the Presidency of Lebanon Tony Franjieh, wife and infant child were murdered in the late seventies, State INR Chief Phyllis Oakley told me that Tony’s family had stayed with her and hubby Bob in Maine the previous summer. They had all gone to see The Godfather and Tony left the theater shaking…. “That movie is about my family and my country.”

His one-year old toddler was killed by tying a grenade to his bib and pulling the pin.

Gateway Pundit has more. I hope that constitutional means are followed, but Hezbollah needs to be smacked hard. This time we should help Israel more than before.

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