Friday, November 02, 2007

Randi Rhodes Sock-Puppet KO & Arianna Caught Lyin' Again!

Keith Olberboy has to watch as O'Reilly on Wednesday almost hit 3 million viewers while his unwatched loony-tune silliness languished in the shadows. He's hemorrhaging viewers due to his non-existent ethics and questionable fact-checking. Not to mention his brilliantined stick-insect charm. ["brilliantined stick-insect" is a reference to John Cleese's portrayal of a know-it-all inept moron in Fawlty Towers---Cleese's character's resemblance to KOlberboy is eerie.]

Of course, KO & his makeover sidekick Arianna [anyone remember her wandering around in front of Schwartenegger looking for a mike a few years back when she was running for something?] was caught lying multiple times about a Rudy Giuliani quote---no surprise there, as lies are Keith's staple fare. Arianna just helps feed the beast. Check the link for the latest slime from MSNBC.

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