Friday, November 09, 2007

UPDATE: Joe Lieberman: Dem Party Captive to Loony Leftists

UPDATE: I find that my original blog first draft written yesterday afternoon advocating Joe for Repub VP has been seconded by Bill Kristol [or vice versa, as I didn't see the memeorandum piece until five minutes ago]. Giant minds, yadda, yadda...!

Joe Lieberman is a pillar of honesty in a very morally and intellectually polluted Democratic Party. I can recall the days of Democrats like Scoop Jackson when Democrats were as eager as Republicans to oppose threats to our national security---even when they might have to pay a price by alienating Stevenson-loving one-worlders who believed the UN should take over international affairs, leaving each country at the mercy of the General Assembly, with only a veto action in the UNSC protecting America's sovereignty.

The days of Jackson and other patriots in the Democratic Party are almost gone. The one holdout in the party against zany protect-our-enemy-punish-our-ally crowd is Joe, who knows that the ultra-left Democrats comprise only a tiny--but noisy---minority of the Democratic Party itself. They are a lot like the old Stevenson-wing as epitomized by the California Democratic Councils I worked with back in the '68 Campaign, which Senator Cranston employed as a personal vehicle of political aggrandizement. This tiny noisy minority is concentrated in moonbattery-marinated Hollyweird and its East Coast alphabet TV network allies, state university academicide victims, and nutty gender-specific constituencies that go beyond protecting their own interests and try to proclaim an agenda of defeatism and abdication of sovereignty on the international stage and entitlement niches in our domestic politics.

I bear a grudge against Alan Cranston because his last appearance on the national stage was typically wrong-headed, as he hounded Amb. April Glaspie out of the Foreign Service for following Sec. of State Baker's instructions. Baker played the role of sanctimonious hypocrite as he let April hang out to dry.

Joe Lieberman has defended America's over-the-horizon defense against terrorism to the detriment of his own career. Yes, he is an ardent Zionist and that IS an agenda. But he is open and straightforward in defense of his beliefs and values---unlike the shifty bobbing and weaving of the Dem candidates---from ambulance-chasing Silk Pony frauds to flip-flopping Hillarious hilarities---none seems able to avoid pandering to the noisy minority of those who despise American values while employing American freedoms to advance their agendas.

I am still an independent leaning conservative---and want to follow an agenda much like The New America Foundation is laying out in broad strokes. But the old Dems I admired have ceded the commanding heights of their party to ne'er-do-wells like Edwards, has-beens like Dodd & Biden [& sadly Richardson who has disgraced himself by exceeding the cut-and-run crowd in his rampant cowardice].

And the two Front-Runners are wannabes who are too naive [Obama] or double-dealing both-sides-of-an-issue [HRC].

Wouldn't a third-party McCain/Lieberman ticket be worth looking at? Except for the two-ton rhino of illegal immigration in the family room, they cover all the other bases. [Note: I subsequently discover that Bill Kristol posted a Lieberman VP--without a specific candidate---in the Weekly Standard's weekend edition---synchronicity is marvelous.]

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