Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lieberman for VP---Republican?

The Financial Times has a good piece from early November about Joe Lieberman and his commonsensical view on US foreign policy.
Mr Lieberman ... said he might not vote for the Democratic presidential nominee next year.

He argued that George W. Bush and the Republican presidential candidates remained truer than the Democratic party to its tradition of a "moral, internationalist, liberal and hawkish" foreign policy that was established by presidents Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John Kennedy.

"The Democratic party I grew up in was unafraid to make moral judgments about the world beyond our borders," he said.

"[Today's Democrats] are inclined to see international problems as a result of America's engagement with the world and are viscerally opposed to the use of force - the polar opposite to the self-confident and idealistic nationalism of the party I grew up in."

Joe L. dismissed suggestions that he run as VP along with John McCain, himself a centrist Republican whose views on illegal immigration have gotten the former war prisoner in Dutch with most Republican voters and most centrists as well.
Mr Lieberman, who is now an "independent Democrat", dismissed speculation that he would consider becoming the running mate of John McCain, the Republican contender.

However, if Joe would eventually consider a position on the ticket, it would only be, IMHO, as a running mate with a true conservative, such as Fred Thompson, an ideological step Lieberman would predictably be loath to take.

However, the Palm Beach County Chairman of the Republican Party [ret.] told me that when JL was on the ticket with AG in 2000, the 40+% of the Jewish community in Florida who are Republicans voted heavily for Joe, as one of their own, and thereby made the FL election vote so famously close that year. Were Joe to be VP on a Rep ticket, he could have the same effect on Jewish voters of a Dem stripe, and a few close states might go red in '08.

Not that this might foreseeably come about, given present circumstances, but in this election year, as in the college football season, perhaps anything might happen.

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