Monday, November 26, 2007

Never Sound Victory, Always Sound Retreat

Tom Maguire points out that the Fifth Column advocating defeat [or in Dingy Harry Reid's bleats to the Democrat flocks of sheeple, declaring it last March] may run into trouble when the defeatocrat left runs in the General Election next Fall.

Tonight I watched Hannity deconstruct Hillary by showing before and after videos demonstrating, amid nice montages of flip-flop slippers, her odious waffling on Iraq.

Even the Boston Globe chimes in in a moment of clarity. Are we going to experience one of those vaunted "paradigm shifts" or "sea changes" the academicide victims in the ivy dungeons love to proclaim?

Not if the usual suspects among the Kossacks and Puffington Horde are to be trusted. But of course, they aren't to be trusted, and that's the reason the shift may occur without their even feeling the earth move---they have levitated far above any mere cognitive level and are now functioning completely in the realm of mass psychosis, ruled by emotion and resentment.

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