Monday, November 26, 2007

Box Office Equals Vox Populi

Libertas has the skinny on the colossal revenues [/sarc] taken in by the current crop of anti-war agigprop put out by the Hollyweird 10 sixty years later [now they number thousands]:
Total revenue (foreign and domestic) from five anti-war films: $76.7 million.

(BDS-afflicted Southland Tales added to pour salt on the wound.)

* A Mighty Heart - 17.5 million
* In The Valley Of Elah - 10.0 million
* Rendition - 15.0 million
* Lions For Lambs - 33.9 million
* Redacted - 0.1 million
* Southland Tales - 0.2 million
Total: $76.7 million

Total revenue from a single kick-some-terrorist-butt film: $80.0 million.

* The Kingdom - $80.0 million

And of course these figures are the result of the immensely influential leftist movie reviewers from the NYT, New Yorker, and other FIFTH COLUMN publications.

Lions for Lambs accounts for nearly half the Fifth Column revenues and might even break even, though with the fading sunset luminaries who were formerly stars [Streep, Cruise, Redford], it might have been a nostalgia flick to note how far these three have fallen.

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