Friday, November 23, 2007

NY Crime Plummets, along with Stock Value of NYT

The New York Times writes on the decline in homocides in NYC not mentioning Rudy Giuliani, whose tough policy on crime, along with Police Commissioner Bratten's, was and still is deemed widely as being responsible for the decrease in murders and violent mayhem in the Rotten Apple.

In a closely related blog piece, Mickey Kaus notes that the stock value of the New York Times has decreased from over $50 in 2002 to around $17 at current market value. Looks like articles so one-sided that they do not mention the real reasons for the decline in crime are causing the decline in value of what used to be considered as the "newspaper of record."

At current rates, according to Mickey Kaus in his "Pinch works fast" snippet, we can see the NYT around $5/share in another half-decade---and then a fire sale and no more ruining the brand by a nitwit epigone scion.

However, one paragraph in the article on crime is worth looking at:
In the 412 killings this year, the number of people with previous arrests for narcotics was striking: 196 victims and 149 assailants. And 77 percent of the assailants had a previous arrest history, while 70 percent of the victims did, the statistics showed. Killers and those killed are overwhelmingly male and most in both categories are between 18 and 40, according to the police analysis. In terms of race and ethnicity, whites make up 7 percent of victims and assailants, while 66 percent of the victims and 61 percent of the assailants are black and 26 percent of the victims and 31 percent of the assailants are Hispanic.

Unless you are a mindless leftist victim of mass psychosis caused by media prevarications and tilt, this is serious food for thought.

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