Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Silk Pony Breck-Boy Plummets in Home State Poll

Watch the video of the pomaded Breck-boy as he complains about the unfairness of Fox NEWS, on which he has appeared over thirty times. This hilarious impostor goes on
here to then compare Global Warming to being far worse than a world war.
Johnny Boy the Silk Pony appears not to be impressing voters in the state of South Carolina, who prefer that drawlin' local girl Hillary Clinton over local lad Barack:
Among Democrats, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton led Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, 36-25 percent. Seneca native and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards had 20 percent, an 11-point drop from December’s poll.

Oops, forgot the silky trial lawyer with the biggest home in North Carolina who is fighting fo' po' folks actually was born and raised in the Palmetto State!

At the rate JE is plummeting, I wonder if this hairdo on legs will still be around in August for that Nevada debate!!! Dropping 11 percent in three months by insulting Catholics, conservatives, and whoever doesn't agree with his pitchfork Ben Tillman ethos, that sure seems to be working----NOT!!!

Yeah, the ultra-farout-left blogs, that's the ticket!

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