Monday, March 05, 2007

Lefties wishes murderous while Ann mouths a venial sin

While righty bloggers engage in an elaborate act of contrition and finger-point at
bigmouth Ann Coulter, Patterico notices in the link above the many times the exempt MSM has sponsored and propagated death wishes against prominent conservatives and elected politicians.

I guess it's okay for Nina Totenberg to wish AIDS on Sen. Helms. She plagiarized and got away with it, just as Molly Ivins obits never mentioned her serial plagiarizing. It's okay to lie, cheat, steal, lie under oath [if it's about sex] and wish death to public officials if you on the exempt left. Maher can wish death to Cheney and Franken can use Harvard stationery and students to research his book with no consequences. A conservative makes an admittedly silly infraction and the NYT and its pilot fish go into a feeding frenzy!

Check out Patterico's extensive list of infractions on the left, including a Dem Congressman calling a Republican a "fruitcake," which is another "f" word that Republicans are forbidden to use against the catamite-infested left.

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