Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pew Polls Refute Other Polls

The left-leaning Pew Center comes out with a poll trumpeted by the MSM as and indication of a big
Democrat victory in the offing. Seems the American people are turning to the left. But ooops, slight problem.

A massive poll conducted by the AP/Ipsos group and put out by the centrist and renowned
Gallup Poll sank like a stone when it was released about three weeks ago. Problem? Unlike the lefty Pew[kers] the Gallup found that conservative outnumber liberals two to one, which is consistent with polling over the last few years. But the MSM ignored this much larger and more reputable poll. Wonder why?

A recent study of how Americans regard the mainstream media in the USA conducted by a
Zogby Poll across the country found that most Americans regard the media itself as biased left.

And a massive four-year poll conducted among the top MSM outlets in the country found that the American people are correct in their view that the US MSM is irremediably biased to the extent that the entire group of major outlets has a 70 on the ADA rating, enough to get them elected to office in, say, Hollyweird or Manhattan or any university campus.

But again, the UCLA/Missouri poll, though much more reputable than the Pew biased treacle, never got any airtime, not even on Fox News, which the libs claim is a right-wing outlet. Or rather, Breck-boy says that and his liberal acolytes and MSM cheerleaders and glrlie-men say that about Fox, which actually has an ADA rating of about 50, making it "fair and balanced."

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Glaivester said...

The American people are turning to the left. The fact that "conservatives" still outnumber liberals is due mostly to the fact that our definition of "conservative" has moved leftward.

The fact that "democratizing" a race of barbarians in Iraq is now considered a "conservative" position (rather than Wilsonian liberalism) shows how leftward "conservatism" has gone.