Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Gore and Melting Icecaps

Talk about inconvenient facts emerging just when Al Gore's Inconvenient Truthiness has virtually conquered the MSM collective wisdom as being incontrovertible scientific FACT!!! Yes, the timing of the evidence of the Mars ice-melt just couldn't have been less fortuitous for the self-proclaimed "Inventor of the Information Superhighway." Now Al is going to have to explain his "balance as bias" diktat on GW in the light of the sun's blazing glare---the irradiance increase which could possibly even be warming Earth just like it seems to be warming Mars!

Oh yeah, the Mars icecap-melt's only in National Geographic Magazine, which has no cred compared to great scientific publications like Time, Newsweak, and the Lost Angeles Times! Ironically, until the Mars evidence surface and NG braved the "consensus" pitchfork-waving "climatologists," the magazine was militantly supporting AGW.

Of course, a slight search into Al's past reveals that while he was wearing a yarmulke in the New York primary in 1988, inconvenient facts began to emerge about his [and his father's, Sen. Gore] long and profitable association with Armand Hammer, head of Occidental Petroleum, which just happened to have acquired

At the time, I was international editor of The Oil Daily, which Mr. Hammer told me in an interview was his favorite daily newspaper, even ahead of the Los Angeles Times! I didn't ask Mr. Hammer if the rumors concerning Al Gore getting paid by Tenneco for the mineral rights on his family estate near Nashville as had been alleged in the local Tennessee press a few weeks before.

Now I wish I had, but I'm sure Mr. Hammer might have fended that question off and continued covering up for Al Gore, whose entire political career has been characterized by nepotism, opportunism, and fakery from wearing religious headpieces to peddling cargo-cult science about anthropogenic global warming.

At least he got an Oscar for his bad-actor lifestyle performances!

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