Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Al Gore Delays Submission of His Testimony

Any doubts that Gore has abandoned his dishonest ways, the accumulation of fibs and hyperbole that deprived him of the presidency in 2000, are disappearing as this serial exaggerator and chronic panderer has not submitted his testimony 48 hours ahead as required before the EPW Committee he is to testify in front of today.
Gore's chronic underachieving has impeded his career, although this Golden Boy was born with fanfare in 1948 with a story above the fold in the state capitol newspaper, The Nashville Tennessean. But Al consistently overspoke, wore a yarmulke everywhere in his '88 NY Presidential Primary race, and generally pandered to the far left or whomever he thought was useful at the moment. Some like New Yorker Editor David Remnick lap up this pabulum uncritically. Recently, SNL had a hilarious skit with how perfect the world would be if the Gore campaign had gained the presidency in 2000. As Newsbusters puts it:
"the SNL skit was making FUN of people like YOU who think that an Al Gore win would have led to a perfect world. Instead, Remnick uses that skit as a segue into a What Might Have Been if only America had been worthy enough to have elected the all-wise Gore:

The cruelty here was not to Gore, who probably requires no prompting to brood now and then about what might have been, but to the audience. It is worse than painful to reflect on how much better off the United States and the world would be today if the outcome of the 2000 election had been permitted to correspond with the wishes of the electorate. The attacks of September 11, 2001, would likely not have been avoided, though there is ample evidence, in the 9/11 Commission report and elsewhere, that Gore and his circle were far more alert to the threat of Islamist terrorism than Bush and his. But can anyone seriously doubt that a Gore Administration would have meant, well, an alternate universe, in which, say, American troops were sent on a necessary mission in Afghanistan but not on a mistaken and misbegotten one in Iraq; the fate of the earth, not the fate of oil-company executives, was the priority of the Environmental Protection Agency; civil liberties and diplomacy were subjects of attention rather than of derision; torture found no place or rationale?

For Remnick the Alternate Al Gore Universe is something to pine for. Of course, with a President Al Gore we might still be debating whether to place economic sanctions on the Taliban in Afghanistan. If you think Remnick can't get any more sickenly sweet in the worship of his blessed Goracle, you would be wrong:

On the issue of climate change, of course, he has exercised visionary leadership. With humor and intelligence, and negligible self-pity, he dispensed with the temptations of political martyrdom and became a global Jeremiah. Beginning in the nineteen-eighties, he waged what was at first a fairly lonely campaign to draw attention to the problem; now, as a popularizing propagandist, he has succeeded in registering it as a crisis with nearly everyone, from field-tripping schoolchildren to reality-dubious members of the Administration. With his documentary film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” Gore made the undeniability of the crisis a matter of consensus; thanks largely to him, an environmental issue will be an electoral issue. His secular evangelism has earned him an honored night at the Academy Awards and—almost as glittering—a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obviously Remnick wrote the above paean to the Goracle before the Mars icecap-melt photos in the National Geographic, which prompted even a cheerleader-for-the-left href="">like the New York Times into showing a bit of skepticism concerning Gore's many outlandish claims [20-foot sea rise covering Florida, e.g.]. David R may be a bit behind the news curve in his institutionally-entombed and fact-check challenged New Yorker.

Well, we'll all have fun listening to Gore sigh and make more claims and perhaps metaphorically don the pointed headgear he really deserves to wear---a dunce cap---in his testimony today. His delay in submitted his testimony materials points to a lot of tall tales this carny shill will attempt to run by the gullible left and a pliant MSM. He knows he has an adoring claque on the looney-tune left.

Let's see if Sen Inhofe and reputable climate scientists can give Al the public spanking he deserves.

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