Friday, March 09, 2007

Mind-numbingly Stupid? Make Him Border Patrol Spokesman!

Obviously, the Border Patrol does much of its recruiting following turnip trucks and hiring those who fall off. Ditto the Coast Guard, whose Vice Admiral Kunkel is proud of his agencies intercept capabilities in imaginary contexts. Only in America could a massive
Interception Exercise of 325 agents from 80 different agencies in Miami be in progress attempting to intercept "imaginary" emigrants from Cuba while in "reality," 40 Cubans managed to land on Miami Beach and gain asylum.

I feel a lot of pity for those fleeing Castro's socialist hell [Oops, I mean "workers' paradise], but I only wish that some smidgeon of competence were displayed from time to time by Border Patrol and other Federal Agencies stopping the torrent of illegal immigrants flooding across our borders every day. But let the Border Patrol spokesman speak for his agency:
"It's our belief that they [the two boats which escaped and their forty passengers, who landed safely] were the result of organized smuggling," Border Patrol spokesman Steve McDonald said.

Sherlock move over. You've been outsleuthed by a master investigator. And his contrition at the results of the mastermind "imaginary" exercise is edifying:
"We're not embarrassed at all," McDonald said. "It's not uncommon for them (Cubans) to have landings."

Yeah, especially right in the middle of an exercise aiming to stop such landings. Just another day at the beach for McDonald's intrepid colleagues. McDonald did not comment on his turnip-picking experience before his Border Patrol career began.

Meanwhile, the Democrats' drive to grow the government ever bigger with more programs continues apace. This eventually will have an interesting consequence for our border problems. It's obvious that the best cure for immigration is to destroy the US economy through Big Government and then people will want to emigrate FROM the US, just as they already do in droves from Castro's HUGE-Government prototype. Castro is the Democrats' best advertisement on just how to manage our porous borders.

Destroy the American economy and they will leave.

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