Saturday, March 10, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Miss Israel Contest Dropout

The Saturday morning edition of the The Wall Street Journal has a good summary of Ms. Hirsi Ali and her call for Muslims to stop treating women like chattel and "boy-making machines."

Another sad commentary is an article on a young woman in a traditional Druze Community
dropping out as a contestant in the Miss Israel contest because two of her uncles were trying to arrange an "honor-killing" of her for unseemly public behavior.

The article notes the number of "honor-killings," surely the most horrific oxymoron in the entire political/religious vocabulary. Here is the paragraph in TimesOnLine:
Last year, seventeen Palestinian women were reported killed in honour crimes, twelve in the Gaza Strip and five in the occupied West Bank. In Israel, seven women were similarly killed for "crimes" ranging from having sex before marriage to being the victim of rape.

Yes, being victim of a rape is a crime, as a young woman in Saudi Arabia can testify because she has been sentenced to ninety lashes with a whip for allowing herself to be allured into the company of a young man, who then raped her along with six of his friends in what is called a "gang-bang." The young men are being sentenced to jail, but at least the young woman has her life. She is begging King Abdullah for clemency.

Can anyone imagine how the multicultural media so pliant toward Muslim grievances here in the USA would handle such a moral atrocity in the USA. And remember, the extremists in Detroit and Newark are calling for a dispensation from US law so they can have sharia law among themselves.

But you don't read about any of these things in the exempt multiculti kumbayeh MSM.

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