Saturday, March 24, 2007

Libs Just Fine with AGW Hysteria, But not with GWOT

I used to like Zbig Brzezinski. Back in the day, I did a short stint at Georgetown CSIS. I just had an office nook, but down the hall dwelt super ex-Govt politicos Zbig Brzez and Henry the Kiss [HK soon peeled off to found his eponymous Kiss Associates.] Although I had been HK's control officer on a couple of his trips to Saudi Arabia, he never deigned to recognize my existence. Au contraire, Zbig was friendly, though our paths had never crossed while I was in government. However, sad to say, like many Dems, he has caught swamp fever from the denizens of miasmal ultra-leftism.

I don't like making some of the observations below, but recently I heard ZB on TV saying Saddam did not have and never did have weapons of mass destruction. Nonsense. Either he has a special definition for these weapons, which include bio and chem warfare, or he owes an explanation for tens of thousands of Iranians gassed and otherwise killed by WMD. And of course, how those poor Kurds died in Halabja. Zbig has quaffed mightily from the pewter pot of Kool-Aid and Jim Jones would be proud of this new specimen of left-wing paranoia.

My first question is how and why does
Zbigniew Brzezinski rant about the War on Terror as being hysteria? The World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Flight 93 were on US soil. London and Madrid were attacked by terrorists, and two German trains were to be blown up, but the explosives did not function---these were traced to Lebanon. Paris staved off an attack in the '90s by not pre-emptively blinking as ZB and the Dems appear to be doing. How much evidence does this blinkered one need before he admits we should be concerned?

He of all senior Democrats must know that the US does face Al Qaeda and its franchise offshoots both at home and abroad. Typical of a liberal to be calling something real like terrorism no problem, while presumably ranting about man-made Global Warming, which is truly a South Sea Bubble of the liberal imagination. [Yes, humans have something to do with GW, and the world is getting warmer, but no one has proved anything conclusive about the million other variables in the equation.] There are thousands of scientists on both sides of the issue, though the lying liberal media lie in calling a multitude of reputable skeptics "a few holdouts."

Anthropogenic Global Warming appears to be simply a sideshow concocted by the ultra-left to divert attention from the grave crisis Islamic terrorists present to the US and its western allies. No one is allowed to bring up evidence of Martian icecaps melting on AGW-certified channels such as CNN and MSNBC. Seldom are any of the many skeptical scientists like Tim Ball of Canada interviewed on American TV.

The ultra-left wing of the Democrat Party has a long history of mau-mauing the flak-catchers of a centrist establishment. Hillary is being subjected to the same treatment that sane and sober Dems of the past have undergone. Zbig is deciding that he will do a little Kenyan action on the ultra-fringe after so many years of relatively rational analysis. Had he the flimsy credentials of the jumped-up weathermen clamoring about Global Warming, presumably he would be part of boring droning lyin' Al's entourage in the daisy-chain rain dance of AGW.

ZB should tell his lies about Saddam's WMD to the Kurds in Halabja. And elsewhere where they were used against his own people in Operation Anfal.

And insufferable Al should ask himself about those curious melting icecaps on Mars. And how to lose fifty pounds, while he's at it, if he wants a political future.

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