Monday, March 19, 2007

San Francisco "Values"

I write this short note because I met and knew Chris Hedges when he was the NYT correspondent in Cairo, and I was the Area Manager for Amoco, which has very large assets in Egypt. Back then, in the nineties, we called him "Chicken Little" Hedges because Egypt was alway, and Saudi Arabia too, on the precipice of imminent civic disorder because of religion which would lead to the overthrow of the respective regimes and plunge the region into chaos. His stories were laughingly predictable and he was pulled from that vantage point in the region and a new NYT reporter installed. Egypt and Saudi Arabia remain un-overthrown, but Chris hasn't pulled back from apocalyptic predictions and flamboyant overstatement. Here's his latest psychosis with the obligatory hype and delirium:
points to some exotic marketing on a classical music station for Hedges latest book:
A 30-second radio ad for a book was taken off the air Wednesday by KDFC-FM, the San Francisco classical station, when it drew complaints from listeners after airing a few times.

The advertisement for "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America," by Chris Hedges, published in January by Free Press, was tailored to play only in the Bay Area, to promote local appearances by the author.

Check the link for the clueless book marketer who somehow divined that the listeners to classical music would be rabid leftie mouth-frothers of the Chris Hedges ilk! Here in south Florida, the only radio station playing classical music is run by the CATHOLIC Barry University, and I listen to its soothing sounds to escape the mayhem and madness on S. Florida roadways. Keeps me from losing my cool.

Another recent article demonstrated that the old USSR practice of providing clinical attention to those disagreeing with the Workers' Paradise motif propagated by Pravda and Isvestia and other "organs" of the Soviet State is alive and well in S.F.A SF professional man
lost friends who didn't like his published newspaper letters, felt ostracized in diversity exercises at work that single out conservatives, and is frustrated by a Bay Area double standard that makes it socially acceptable for people to blurt out anti-Bush comments but not pro-Bush ones.

Ah yes, diversity. Better drink the Kool-Aid invented by SF's most famous preacher, Jim Jones, or else you spend extra time in Room 101 for being TOO DIVERSE!!!

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