Friday, March 16, 2007

BBC Rots in its Mental Coffin and Lefty Bloggers Proliferate

As one who was accustomed in Beirut to listen on a short-wave radio to the BBC Overseas when I was stationed in a diplomatic post in the Middle East [broadcast from Cyprus], I remember news and commentaries giving a lucid, well-spoken and balanced viewpoint on both ME and world news. But that was in the '70s, and now I occasionally watch the BBC news in Florida [no hearing-impaired help available as in US broadband or cable broadcasts] and the generational decline of BBC news values has been precipitous. Compared to the skewed half-truth rubbish that is standard fare on this state-supported news network, FoxNEWS is utterly fair and balanced. Gerald Baker, himself a BBC vet, remembers at the link above the glory days of the BBC before it was captured by agitprop cadres of crypto-Marxists.

Nowadays, ultra-left trashcan bloggers like David Brock heavily subsidized by
George Soros are attempting to turn the much larger and more diverse American media into a clone of the lockstep leftist band-music goose-stepping of the BBC. [I use goose-stepping in the North Korean/GDR context.]

TPM is morphing its Talking Points Memo into a big operation, as is a ultra-left creature named Greenwald with a stable of boy-friend catamites in Brazil. These experts have perfected Google-bombing and, as in a septic tank, they are the biggest chunks rising to the top.

The Bolshie Left [and rarely, Brownshirt Right] has always relied on highly stimulated disciplined fanatics with verbal skills and time on their hands to propagate disinformation out of all relation to their actual numbers.

So even though Americans consider themselves as having aconservative bent at a ratio of roughly 2/1 over liberals and American media as biased toward the left, influential liberal bloggers on the radar outnumber conservatives about five to one, judging by

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