Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Evan Sayet is Bill Maher's Brain: Only Smarter

Former Bill Maher writer Evan Sayet nails some of the problems liberals have with many Americans. Like Dennis Miller, Evan saw the scales drop from his eyes 9/11/01.
YouTube has his forty-seven minute speech to the Heritage Foundation. Listen to his linked presentation as he is enjoyably quick, funny, and very well spoken. Here is a quick take of my unedited notes which I'll spiff up later for a grammatical version:
Moral inversion of the left. Failure to liberals is proof of victimization and a result of prejudice; Success to liberals is triumph of injustice so Wal-Mart and the USA must be Evil. Making the US fail therefore becomes a major goal and proves that libs are right. Cult of Indiscriminateness. Mindless living for today makes libs vote themselves more and more entitlements. Never call a terrorist organization a bunch of terrorists. Freedom Fighter is what an indiscriminate person who has suspended his/her critical faculties calls anyone fighting for anything, even if it is for slavery. Republicans think and make critical rational moral judgments. The Human Shields went to Baghdad because they didn't regard SH as a monster. Once one subscribes to indiscriminateness, any decision to act is an act of discrimination. So action is evil; passion is good. The new paradigm. Modern liberalism is nihilism which doesn't replace Wal-Mart or Government with anything, and has an essentially destructive nature. Allan Bloom The Closing of the American Mind and Hayek The Road to Serfdom. There is no higher power to liberals, so they are unable to make decisions based on principle. Principles don't exist. Liberalism is not progressive, but static and even self-destructive. The mentality of a five-year old persists into adulthood and critical functions are suppressed whenever choices are to be made. Passivity and not discriminating . AGW is not a position that these Gores have reached through science, but is accepted because it puts the USA as being evil and destroys US productivity and progress. Tech progress has given the conservatives alternative methods. Internet etc give opportunities for real thinkers. Progressive is just recasting liberalism with a new name. Libs claim the opposite of what they have actually achieved. Black schools have resulted in massive illiteracy and crime and for a liberal to call himself a progressive is just an advertising slogan.

[My own take is twofold: Orwell's 1984 is a good example of what happens when choice is removed from the marketplace of public discourse. Everything becomes its opposite. What the libs claim as truth is simply unproven hypotheses. Also, I recall from reading Nietzsche his thesis of the Revolution of the Artists, who would overthrow all values and morals in order to achieve a complete destruction [and hence, in N's mind, creation] of all that is part and parcel of civilization. The new order would spring from the ashes of the old order. It seems Nietzsche predicted what is happening to the liberal mind, an emptying out of itself of everything except opposition to what are traditional standards and moral values.]

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