Saturday, January 08, 2011

William Daley New White House COS

Bill Daley reminds me of my one encounter with this political hatchet man a fellow who as Commerce Sec'y removed the ethnic count from the census [German, Irish, English extraction] while piling on racial background information, displaying like a lot of Irish hack pols that he has no loyalty for kith and kin, just a slave to the Sassenach.

Back in the day when I was an executive with Amoco, a mutual friend set me up with a half-hour colloquy with William Daley. I explained to Daley how I'd managed to persuade Amoco CEO and Chmn to donate a half-million to get NAFTA out of a slough of despond that it was wallowing in early in '93. We managed to use my CSIS buddies to set up a huge colloquium in DC to tout NAFTA with Sen. Bradley and Cong. Richardson, a personal friend, speaking among others to boost the chances. As it happened, the ball started rolling again and within three months or so, NAFTA finally made it through and my bosses at Amoco, who were about to enter the Mexican market, were happy.

But Bill Daley interrupted me and said "I don't think NAFTA was a very good idea." He bluntly told me that Clinton had lost a lot of labor friends and other allies with NAFTA and was brusque throughout the interview. I hope he treats Jarrett and Axelrod the same way he's treating Baghdad Bob. Plouffe might be a little less jarring, but Obama and Daley might make a strong move toward the middle, as Obama's slavery to Trumpka and Big Labor are well-known.

Jarrett is an ideologue and will be foisted on the State Dept. along with other females to add to Hillary's harem.

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