Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Texas Snuffs California in One-on-One Census Duel

The LA Times has a momentary lurch into sane assessment of its own state's insane budgetary crevasse. Natural Fake rushes in to confirm that the LAT is indeed sane and that Texas, by inference, is sane compared to the continuing devolution of California into the decomposing parts of a dead corpse.

And, Texas emerges victorious! Mainly, due to low taxes.

But sad, slow, lumbering California does win in one area:

In what respects, then, does California “excel”? California’s state and local government employees were the best compensated in America, according to the Census Bureau data for 2006. And the latest posting on the website of the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility shows 9,223 former civil servants and educators receiving pensions worth more than $100,000 a year from California’s public retirement funds. The “dues” paid by taxpayers in order to belong to Club California purchase benefits that, increasingly, are enjoyed by the staff instead of the members.

The reason? Taxpayer abuse like this at all levels of California government:

And no government worker should receive permanent taxpayer-funded pensions that allow them to retire at the ripe young age of 50, with 90 percent of the final year’s pay guaranteed forever (and that’s before the worker taps into any number of dubious pension-spiking schemes that allows many employees to retire with pay well above their final year’s salary).

Always remember,

Unions exist for one reason and one reason only:


Which is the exact reverse of what you want in either teachers or government workers.

Unions killed the American auto industry. Now they’re killing the states.

In the recent assessment of the US census, Texas will gain four House seats while CA stays at the same number, this because CA's free-spending and high-tax economic policies are driving the citizens into bankruptcy unless they leave the state before the last bits of clothing and portable chattels are wrenched from them by the elitist statist dieseldorks running the State's bureaucratic apparatus, which is now giving pensions to its employees retiring at age fifty which are way into six figures. Every day 3000 more people leave CA than enter it, while Texas GAINS about 1700 citizens per day. Soon the Lone Star State will pass the Golden State in population unless the libtard ascendancy is voted out of office, hardly in the cards while they run all the organs of public communication. The only thing keeping CA's population [relatively] level are the hordes of illegal aliens which are turning the San Joaquin Valley into Alta California while the LA & San Diego coastal regions doze in their dope shops. Watch Entourage and find out the mechanisms of degenerate paraphilia at work in the moral sewer of Southern Cal.

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