Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunisian Prez Flees with $50million in gold

The Daily Telegraph demonstrates one more reason why the Arabs are nowhere near ready for self-government. Like their sub-Saharan cousins, the Tunisian ruling elite simply lives off the people it purports to rule. Too bad Qaddafi, whose name is 'camel vomit' in Libyan slang dialect, isn't overthrown at the same time, but Libya has too much oil.

Egypt and Algeria appear to be two more African dominoes teetering on the edge of anarchy, and Morocco is also experiencing civil disorder.

Lebanese Terrorist Kingpin Nasrallah is trying to overthrow Lebanese democracy as the UN tribunal finds his terrorist organization guilty of murdering President Hariri---confession: I met Hariri back in DC in the early '80s when he was based there during the worst days of the civil war and I thought him the only person able to help Lebanon out of its ashes, which is why Hezbollah killed him.

Meanwhile, Obummer is so hammered by economic reality that the US is losing whatever economic and political foreign heft it used to have in the Middle East. Having established a democracy in Iraq, the cretin Al-Maliki demands the US leave. He probably has a deal with Iran in the works, but don't look to pacificist Obummer to bleat any complaints. He's too busy fingerpointing the USA as the source of the world's ills, and since the all-female Nobel Peace Committee already gave him an unearned Peace Prize, slacker Obummer is in no mood to actually go out and EARN one on his own.

He's too busy being a symbol of hope [whistling Dixie] and change [for the worse].

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