Friday, January 07, 2011

NYT: If the Gray Lady Didn't Have a Double Standard, It wouldn't have any

The NYT no longer prints the news that's fit to print, but only the slices of the news which support its statist socialist agenda, Here's the Persian version:
The budget office estimated that the health care law, including education provisions, would reduce deficits over 10 years by $143 billion. Tax increases and cuts in projected Medicare spending would more than offset the cost of extending health insurance to millions of Americans. The budget office projected that the law would result in even bigger savings beyond 2019.

The ignorant sods reading the NYT wouldn't know that these "savings" are based on extremely optimistic readings of the follow-on steps it believes necessary that the law suggests and that the numbers have embedded in them, several instances of 'double-counting' which make the calculation of 'reduced deficits' nugatory because the actual law dishonestly has been poisoned with several accounting tricks.

Rep. Paul Ryan is the head of the new 112th Congress budget committee and he in turn asked Elmendork what the numbers looked like if the fictitious double-counting of savings and the omission of several necessary expenditures were factored into the calculations...

The REVISED CALCULATIONS with the dishonest silliness excluded and the double-accounting taken into account and rejected?


Now that's news that's fit to print.

And ETERNAL SHAME on the Gray Hooker for omitting it from the misleading and delusionary article above. Commissars David M. Herszenhorn and Robert Pear are commended, however, by the DNC for misleading the American people by a sin of omission. Go to hell, you creepy marxist assholes...!

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