Monday, January 10, 2011

The Pack Defeather Eagles---Falcons Next for Fledging

Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews led the potent Packer attack with the help of a young Buffalo Bull [sic] grad named Starks who rushed over 120 yards as the Pack proved to be as good as the prognosticators who last week picked them over the Eagles said they would be. However, no one could predict that Akers would miss two makeable field goals that would have given the Philly phenoms the game.

Remember after the midseason shellackings the Eagles gave the Redskins and Cowboys and the last second win over the Giants, after which all the pundits predicted the Eagles couldn't be stopped? About as realistic as pre-season musings about the invincibility of the Cowboys and how San Diego would romp.

Folks, that's why they play the game. I for one want the Bears to win and the Pack to face them for the third time in Soldier Field for the NFC championship, the one Favre threw away years ago on the 4th & 26 pass to Freddie Mitchell in a previous NFC championship game with the Eagles.

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