Monday, January 10, 2011

Why did the NYT cover up Pigford and the Holodomor?

VerumSerum has another wonderful piece on the NYT's coverup of the Pigford scam where black hustlers and scammers tried to outdo Charlie Rangel. One reader named Zilla complained that the NYT tradition of cover-ups dates back to Stalin's own version of the Holocaust on the Ukrainians, when he systematically starved over 3 million in the winter/spring of 1933 in an organized ethnic cleansing called the Holodomor in the Ukrainian dialect.

Bravissimo or -ma as the case may be. I am just finishing BloodLands and the incredible duplicity of the NYT and Walter Duranty beggars description. To double the bad karma, the Terror of the Purges was also painted over as a minor readjustment while in realities, over a million were killed just to meet quotas—and instead of innocent kulaks and Ukes and Poles and White Russians, the victims of the Purges were Party stalwarts who were often denounced for career-advancing reasons.

And the purge of the Red Army’s generals made carving up the gigantic swathes of European Russia a cakewalk until General Winter, Russia’s only competent military leader, stepped in just in time to save Moscow.

The NYT continues its legacies of lies, manipulation and deliberate deceit without a single opponent willing to take them on—except the much-reviled Rupert Murdoch, who has pushed paid circ of the WSJ past two million while the NYT has been hemmorhaging at 10% paid circ per annum the last few years.

Bye bye…NYT. Sic semper Tyrannis!

Read more to see how Eric Holder and his henchboy Obama have covered up Pigford and its greedy ACORN-type rip-off artists, blacks on a legal crime spree...!

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