Friday, January 07, 2011

Packers Over Eagles---This Time for Real

I still remember the '60 NFL championship game and Bednarik hanging on to Taylor to run out the clock for what would be a penalty and a rewind of the clock in today's more "civilized" NFL rulebook.

I also remember in the mid-'00s, the Eagles/Packer playoff when in the waning minutes of the Fourth Quarter, the Eagles had a fourth down and 26 yards and MADE IT to go on to win---with Brett Favre throwing a pass that looked like he wanted it to be intercepted being the final nail in the Packer coffin. The next year, the Packers played the Giants and lost a playoff game at Lambeau they were favored to win by 2 TDs. The Giants went on improbably to win the Super Bowl on the weirdest catch I've ever seen to finalize a score. Even so, Brady should have pulled off a last-second TD, but now the Giants are in the dirt this year where I always want them to be.

I'll take Rogers over Vick as a long-term QB bet any day, despite Mike's speed and agility.

Finally, way back in the day, when I did bad things, I did a few lines of Bolivian Marching Powder with a linebacker for the Eagles. And I remember meeting the Packer black choir with Bobby Kennedy in Watts the week before he was assassinated in LA back in 1968---Herb Adderly was a huge RFK fan. Bobby asked me to join his campaign after seeing my McCarthy Staff badge, but despite the Packers in the back of his truck, I demurred. The nite he was killed, I was invited to the Ambassador by a McCarthy dude who was planning to defect, but I loyally went to the Beverly Hills Hilton to commiserate---where I learned of RFK's death while chatting with the head of California's "Brown Caucus." Eva Marie Saint began sobbing right next to me and some dude put his arm around her. I wasn't quick enough. Those were the days.

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