Thursday, January 06, 2011

ObamaCare not Bad Public Relations, but Bad Policy

The Dems have perpetuated the myth that once Americans get to know ObamaCare, this bill passed in the dead of night unread by anybody with over 2000 pages of indigestible and self-contradicting gibberish will somehow become popular. Reputable half-wits like Harkin of Iowa and Shumer of NY say so, and now it will come before the GOP Congress and be voted down.
Given that the latest Rasmussen poll shows that 60 percent of likely voters support repeal, Democrats might have an only slightly harder time convincing the public to pardon Osama bin Laden, and they continue to labor under the delusion that the problem with health-care reform isn’t policy, but public relations. Americans oppose the health-care program because they don’t understand it. Sooner or later, the thinking goes, they will find the magic words that will convince the public of how right the Democrats have been all along.

But given two years of almost continuous debate on the issue, it is far more likely that the public really does understand the bill. They know, for example, that, despite the president’s reassurances, they are not going to be able to keep their current health insurance, even if they like it. They understand that outside experts now predict that Obamacare will cost at least $2.7 trillion over its first ten years of actual operation, not the $950 billion originally predicted, adding more than $350 billion to the deficit over that period, despite massive new taxes. They’ve seen their insurance premiums skyrocket in response to the law’s new mandates and regulations. Their common sense tells them that imposing the employer mandate will increase the cost of hiring workers and mean fewer jobs at a time when unemployment is still a national crisis. They oppose the unconstitutional individual mandate as an assault on their personal liberty. And they are rightfully concerned over how the law will affect the quality of the care they receive.

Finally, the experience of national health care in other countries shows that massive malfeasance and virtual death sentences by faceless bureaucrats make "death panels" a reality.

And anyone who believes Obama on any issue is simply too stupid to listen to for long. Even half of the Dems are against this very one-term dude. I expect a Teddy Kennedy move from the left any day as the Fat moral leper did with Jimmy Carter as the spoiled brat nitwits throw tantrums about not getting their way, as Obama sidles to the middle.

Time to smother this abortion in its crib....!

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