Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Second Boston Tea Party: "Liberal Lions" Overboard & Ayla Her Daddy's Power Forward!!!!

American Idol

Ayla Brown

Scott Brown just pulled off the biggest political tsunami since direct voting for the U.S. Senate began in the early 1900s. The last Republican to hold this particular seat was Henry Cabot Lodge, who was surprisingly defeated in a monumental upset in 1952 by John F. Kennedy. The other Senate seat most recently occupied by a Republican was held by Edward Brooke, an African-American who held it from 1966-1978.

And despite the opinion of political commissars at the NYT, the voters didn't want additional taxes on HEALTH CARE, Yahoo News honestly admits:
Republican Scott Brown rode a wave of voter anger to defeat Democrat Martha Coakley in a U.S. Senate election Tuesday that left President Barack Obama's health care overhaul in doubt and marred the end of his first year in office.

The libtard left and its acolytes in the MSM will all chant in unison that the loss was the fault of Martha Coakley, that Obambi and his retarded obsessions had nothing to do with her electoral disaster, and that since MA health care is almost identical to that sought by Pelosi/Reid/Obama in their backroom cabals, personality and not issues were the by-election's main theme.

Personality did play a part and Brown's acceptance speech displayed a charismatic independent streak which the MA voters obviously found attractive. Coakley, who was the "entitlement candidate," played the lace curtain Irish princess during the campaign and was loathe to soil her hand shaking it with the great unwashed constituency of the Massachusetts lumpenproletariat and union thuggery.

However, sports-of-nature Rachel Maddow and Joan Walsh on MSNBC acidly remarked that sexism was behind much of Brown's victory margin. Supercilious elitist bitch Walsh, she of Salon fame, made a silly remark that Brown "offered up his daughters to the crowd," when this loathsome crone took umbrage at Brown's folksy remark that his drop-dead stunning daughter Ayla, a six-foot plus Amazon on Boston College's basketball team who also was a semi-finalist for American Idol in 2007, was "available," a joke much funnier than Coakley's gaffe concerning Curt Schilling's being a Yankee fan. Indeed, Brown joked that on a phone call to Obama that he had offered to play two-on-two at the White House if he could have Ayla on his team, with Obama picking a partner of his choice! Scott played college hoops and Ayla is a forward on her BC Lady Eagles squad.

It was fun to watch Keith Overachiever and Chris Matthews interview their suck-up choirs on MSNBC who all zeroed in on process. They even brought lil Ezra Klein in his swaddling clothes to soil himself with adamant invocations to push the defective monstrosity through Congress by any means possible, "because it can be done." Another process whore. I swear Ezra and Ben Smith, trying to find a contact lens in Chris Matthews' lap in Doyle's Bar in Jamaica Plain, both would attempt to commit anatomically impossible acts simply because---process-wise---IT [perhaps] CAN BE DONE!

Steve Kornacki was also in that bar, making less a fool of self, but Larry King actually had better and saner guests on CNN. The grown-ups [and Tweety-bird is not one of them, despite being hoary with age] such as Gergen, Borger, and Carpenter, presented the awful choices that Obama must make in order to keep his party from being annihilated in the 2010 November elections.

Finally, Maddow and Overbite could not reconcile Barney Frank's reality-based judgment that the Repubs should now be allowed to participate---Rachel & Keith have totalitarian instincts too strong to overcome by mere rationality. And Sen Jim Webb's call to seat Scott Brown ASAP was marginalized because of Overbite's condescendingly ridiculous remark that Webb was once "Reagan's Sec'y of the Navy."

Overbite should try getting a real job and/or do the sports gig at ESPN, where he is rumored to be banished for life because of his personality/ethics/integrity/affability deficiencies. Better yet, lock Keith and Dan Patrick in a death cage for a month and see which rodent emerges alive!


Don't misunderstand me on Frank, who is singularly responsible for the FanFred meltdown. Frank, Clinton and A Cuomo were largely responsible for the home mortgage meltdown, when they instituted the 7/1/95 regulations to CRA that then REQUIRED banks and S&Ls; to give huge fractions of their loans to very poor people! And these bad credit risks defaulted. Who wouldda thunkit? GWB, among others, as Brit Hume explains here. But GWB was left holding the blame bag, as he was with fifty years of Dem shenanigans on the levee system around New Orleans which left the city vulnerable to Katrina. The Dems control the media and the Marxists control the Dems.

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