Saturday, January 02, 2010

Hilarious Obambi Wants to Close Gitmo Because It's "Rallying Cry" for Terrorists!

Terrorist "Art Therapy" Cure

The New York Post ridicules the simpletons in the White House who are stupid beyond belief. First, the Gitmo releasees are given "art therapy" and then released to hook up with Al Qaeda in Yemen and plan the underwear bombing of Detroit, as did one former Gitmo inmate, released in November, 2007:
"Some American officials say it's all about crayons and art therapy, but the things that don't translate are the intense emotional and intellectual strides that are made," [Saudi Terrorist Enabler] Boucek told ABC.
"They make intense bonds with the sheiks and doctors they work with. The majority is a religious discussion giving them religious evidence to the contrary of why they think their beliefs are based on Islam."
Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the failed bombing of Flight 253, some US legislators have called for the White House to stop plans to release Guantanamo detainees.
There is particular concern over Gitmo inmates with ties to Yemen, where would-be underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab says he connected with al Qaeda.
However, an Obama administration aide told the Washington Post that the administration wants to close the prison because it has become a "rallying cry" for terrorist recruiters.
Another official told the newspaper that the government has no choice to release some Gitmo detainees because of challenges in federal court.

So the brain-dead WH strategy is based on Gitmo's being a "rallying cry" and that legitimizes releasing inmates to a halfway house of "art therapy" in cushy Saudi Club Royales which in turn ends with n unconditional release allowing the amused terrorists to plan new attacks on the USA!

These process-obsessed, symbolism-dazed Demo-rats are lost in a world of inside-the-beltway ideology and pleasing their Marxist hate-America base. Actual terrorists are ignored by the autistic ideologues of the Left. 9/11 was a figment of our collective imaginations and we should all submit our freedoms to an unconstitutional Obamacare staffed by SEIU and UAW thugs.

Obama is a one-term wonder like Carter and mimics Jimmy's weird obsessions with symbolism and process to an absurd degree. Like Jimmy, he's almost for sure going to be one of the worst POTUSes of his century, the 21st!

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