Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beck Disses Scott Brown for teasing his daughters.

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I was giving this fellow the benefit of the doubt. Then when he dissed Brown for teasing his gorgeous daughters, Beck became an attention whore, a sort of Paris Hilton with a political bent, or perhaps being twisted, to the right.

I expect any day he'll do a Charles Johnson or a John Cole of Balloon Juice and weepingly do an on-air conversion to Obama and all his works.

Levin is prickly, but about a dozen levels above Beck. Levin reminds me of Yale professor Harold Bloom, a polymath in law as Bloom is in literature. Beck is sort of a TA at a college teaching introductory poli sci or econ. Maybe Beck let his inner Peres Hilton out when he slammed Brown, whose shoes he isn't fit to polish.

As Dennis Miller would put it, he should go for a twilight fish-troll with Fredo.

Beck could never approach Keith Odorboy in prime time because KO has a solid million-plus certifiable America-hating psychos whom he plays Goebbels to every evening. But crashing and burning like the Hindenburg is a good metaphor---I occasionally watch Odorboy to see if suddenly he gets a metaphorical grand mal seizure on-air, as he has the last two nights concerning Scott Brown. KO wishes he was Brown, a REAL man instead of an over-medicated sexually inadequate whack job. Dennis Hopper bereft of any real talent. KO is just a wordy version of Beck, only malicious instead of having Beck's schlumperei.

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