Monday, January 18, 2010

Pat Kennedy a Chip off the Old Carcass of Fat Teddy

The National Journal reports on the Demo-rat compulsion to blame George Bush for everything, with an interview of Teddy K's silly little boy Patrick, best known for driving DUI on Capitol Hill after midnight. The Dems are famous for backing something today and then changing their mind tomorrow. That's why women like the Dem style so much, no accountability after impulse buying.

Bush tried for five years to get Congress to reform the excesses that under Clintoon and the whack-a-doodle CRA produced gigantic risk factors financy the housing market by forcing banks to underwrite loans for Demo-rat constituents without adequate means of income. This is a matter of public record and the MSM have unanimously refused to cover the Demo-rat responsibility for the Home Finance collapse, engineered by MA lunatic-in-chief Barney Frank. Finally GWB threw in the towel on the Demo-rat RICO scheme very much similar to Bernie Madoff that
Barney Frank and earlier racketeers in Congress had built on the CRA.

Bush was outmanouvered by Demo-rats and a few crooked Repubs in on the cabal whenever he tried to get congress to put the brakes on Freddie and Fannie as well as laying off forcing banks to underwrite bad loans. GWB wasn't a schemer or an ignorant drunk like Pat Kennedy, who has inherited his father's many odious traits and been passed by with the scanty positive genetic donation from Fat Teddy. As Gore Vidal, a lefty if there ever was one, said of Fat Teddy: "he has all the charm of 300 lbs of condemned veal."

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