Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sandra Bullock Top Box Office Draw: Try finding Out in the MSM

Sandra Bullock Biggest Box Office Draw

Sandra Bullock actually hit the top of the box office draw, matching Julia Roberts as, I believe, the only two women who have attained that status. I can remember when Roberts won, it was all over the MSM as a new day dawning for feminist libtards. The NYT buries it in "Arts, Briefly" [no picture] and their top movie critic, A.O. Scott, has preferred garbage like Precious and PC grist-for-the-mill to The Blind Side, a truly-moving and TRUE story. The Grey Lady signalling this news is barely fit to print.

Now even Drudgereport and Nikki Finke neglect to mention Bullock's edging out Johnny Depp. You can bet when the Communist Oscar selections are made, Sandra with her family-value vibe will not get any Academy Awards. Hollyweird hates the family and Sandra moved to Austin just to avoid the creeps in Tinseltown [like Finke, e.g.]

Luckily, she's the people's choice and will probably remain on top of the distaff charts despite her pedestrian affection for Christian and family values.

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